Best Remote for YouTube TV in 2024

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In the age where streaming services like YouTube TV are transforming our living rooms into personalized entertainment hubs, the right remote is more than just a tool—it’s your magic wand to navigate a world of endless content.

Imagine this: you’re settled in for a cozy movie night or gearing up for an intense binge-watching session. You have your favorite snacks lined up, the lights dimmed just right, and your comfortable spot on the couch waiting. But then, the battle begins – flipping through channels, adjusting settings, trying to search for your favorite show with a clunky, unresponsive remote that seems to have a mind of its own. Frustrating, right?

That’s where we step in. This post isn’t just about any remotes; it’s about finding that perfect sidekick that complements your YouTube TV experience with seamless compatibility, intuitive design, and features that feel almost futuristic.

We’re talking voice commands that understand you better than your best friend, navigation so smooth it feels like gliding, and a design so comfortable you might forget it’s in your hand.

So, whether you’re a tech-savvy streamer or someone who appreciates the simple pleasures of easy viewing, stick around.

We’re about to dive into the world of remote controls that will not only enhance your YouTube TV experience but might just change the way you interact with your TV forever.

Let’s get started!

What to Look for in a Remote for YouTube TV

When it comes to enhancing your YouTube TV viewing experience, not all remotes are created equal. There’s a world of difference between a remote that just ‘works’ and one that feels like it was made just for you.

So, what should you be looking for in that ideal remote? Let’s break it down:


  • Seamless Integration: The remote you choose must be flawlessly compatible with YouTube TV. This means no annoying setup procedures or compatibility issues. It should be a case of ‘plug and play’ – or, in the modern sense, ‘pair and play’.
  • Universal Control: Bonus points if the remote can extend its mastery beyond just YouTube TV, managing other devices connected to your TV. Think soundbars, Blu-ray players, and even your smart home devices.


  • Voice Control: In an era where we can have virtual conversations with our tech, a voice control feature is a game-changer. Look for a remote that lets you search for shows, control volume, and even switch channels with just your voice.
  • Easy Navigation: A well-designed button layout and responsive touchpad (if available) can make all the difference. You want to effortlessly glide through menus, not engage in a button-mashing battle.
  • Customizable Buttons: Some remotes offer the ability to customize buttons for quick access to your favorite channels or settings – a small but significant feature for a more personalized experience.


  • Comfort in Hand: The remote should feel like an extension of your hand. Lightweight, well-balanced, and with a shape that fits comfortably in your palm for those marathon viewing sessions.
  • Intuitive Design: You shouldn’t need a manual to figure out your remote. The design should be intuitive, with buttons that are easily distinguishable by touch and placed where your fingers naturally rest.

Battery Life

  • Longevity Matters: There’s nothing more annoying than a remote that constantly needs new batteries. Look for one with a long battery life, or even better, a rechargeable option. This not only saves you the hassle of frequent replacements but is also a more eco-friendly choice.

The right remote for YouTube TV should feel like it’s made just for you, enhancing your viewing experience with its seamless compatibility, smart features, ergonomic design, and reliable battery life. Keep these factors in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to finding a remote that doesn’t just control your TV but elevates your entire entertainment experience.

Our Top Picks:

FeaturesSofaBaton X1Chromecast 4K SnowApple TV Siri Remote (3rd Gen)PDP Universal Gaming Media RemoteAmazon Fire TV Cube
Design & BuildSleek, modern, ergonomic design; Intuitive button layout.Minimalist, lightweight design; User-friendly button layout.Elegant, slim, tactile design; Touch-enabled clickpad.Straightforward, ergonomic design; Sturdy build.Compact, sleek design; Practical remote layout.
Compatibility & SetupUniversal compatibility; Easy setup through app.Seamlessly works with YouTube TV; Simple on-screen setup.Pairs seamlessly with Apple TV; Optimized for Apple services.Universally compatible with gaming consoles; Easy setup.Works with a wide range of streaming services; Easy setup.
Key FeaturesVoice control; Touch screen; Customizable buttons; Smart home integration.Voice control with Google Assistant; Direct integration with Chromecast; Universal TV control.Siri voice control; HomeKit integration; Touch-enabled interface.Essential media controls; Designed for gaming console media centers.Alexa voice control; Universal control of various devices; Responsive and reliable.
Battery LifeRechargeable battery.Uses AAA batteries.Built-in rechargeable battery.Uses AAA batteries.Uses AAA batteries.
ProsUniversal compatibility; Rechargeable; Smart home ready; Customizable; Voice and touch screen control.Simple design; Efficient voice control; Seamless streaming experience; Universal TV control.Elegant design; Siri voice control; Rechargeable; HomeKit integration; Intuitive touch interface.Universal compatibility; Simple design; Responsive controls; Ideal for gamers.Alexa voice control; Seamless integration with Fire TV Cube; Universal control; Reliable performance.
ConsHigher price; Potential learning curve; App dependence.Limited advanced features; Non-rechargeable batteries; Primarily for streaming.More expensive; Apple-centric; Limited universal control.Lacks advanced features; Non-rechargeable batteries; Basic functionality.Dependent on Fire TV Cube; Non-rechargeable batteries; Basic remote design.

The 5 Best Remotes for YouTube TV in 2023

After seeing how our top picks fare against each other, let’s have an in-depth look at each one to know what it brings to the table.

1. SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote Control with Hub & APP – Best Overall

SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote Control

The SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote Control is a true game-changer in the realm of remote controls, especially for users of YouTube TV. This remote stands out with its innovative integration of a physical remote and a smart hub, along with a highly user-friendly app.

Design & Build: The SofaBaton X1 boasts a sleek, modern design that feels both sophisticated and ergonomic. It fits comfortably in the hand, and its buttons are intuitively laid out, making it easy to navigate even in the dark. The build quality is solid, giving it a premium feel that is both durable and stylish.

Compatibility & Setup: One of the X1’s strongest suits is its compatibility. Not only does it work seamlessly with YouTube TV, but it also connects effortlessly with a wide range of devices, including smart home gadgets. The setup process is streamlined through the accompanying app, making it a breeze to integrate all your devices.

Features & Performance: The SofaBaton X1 shines with its comprehensive features. The remote offers voice control, which is remarkably accurate and responsive, making your YouTube TV experience more convenient. The touch screen on the remote is a standout feature, providing easy navigation and quick access to favorite channels or settings. Additionally, the app allows for a high degree of customization, letting users tailor the remote to their specific preferences.

Battery Life: The X1 comes with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements. The battery life is impressive, lasting for a considerable amount of time on a single charge, adding to the convenience factor.

Smart Home Integration: This remote goes beyond just controlling your TV or YouTube TV; it can also act as a central hub for your smart home devices. This integration is a significant plus for those invested in smart home technology.


  1. Universal Compatibility: Works with a vast array of devices, not just YouTube TV.
  2. Rechargeable Battery: Eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Intuitive App Integration: Enhances ease of setup and customization.
  4. Voice Control and Touch Screen: Modern features that boost user experience.
  5. Smart Home Ready: Acts as a hub for controlling smart home devices.


  1. Learning Curve: The array of features might overwhelm some users initially.
  2. Dependence on App: Some users might prefer a more traditional, app-independent remote.

2. Chromecast 4K Snow G9N9N GA01920-US – Runner-Up

Chromecast 4K Snow

The Chromecast, while primarily a streaming device, comes with a remote that significantly enhances the YouTube TV viewing experience. This model represents a leap forward in Google’s streaming technology, and its accompanying remote is a testament to that progress.

Design & Build: The remote has a minimalist and sleek design, consistent with Google’s modern aesthetic. It’s compact and lightweight, making it very comfortable to hold. The button layout is straightforward, with the essential buttons easily accessible, providing a user-friendly experience.

Compatibility & Setup: The Chromecast 4K Snow is designed to work seamlessly with YouTube TV and other streaming services. Setup is straightforward; it’s a matter of plugging the device into your TV and following simple on-screen instructions. The remote easily pairs with the Chromecast, and you can also control your TV’s power and volume, which adds to its convenience.

Features & Performance: The remote includes essential features like voice control powered by Google Assistant, which works excellently for searching content on YouTube TV. The responsiveness is impressive, with minimal lag between command and action. However, it’s worth noting that the feature set is more focused on streaming control rather than a wide range of smart home capabilities.

Battery Life: The remote operates on AAA batteries. While not as eco-friendly as a rechargeable option, it does offer the convenience of not having to recharge the remote, and battery replacements are infrequent.


  1. Simple and Elegant Design: Easy to use, with a focus on essential functions.
  2. Voice Control with Google Assistant: Efficient and accurate voice commands.
  3. Direct Integration with Chromecast: Offers a seamless streaming experience.
  4. Universal TV Control: Can control basic TV functions like power and volume.
  5. User-Friendly Setup: Quick and straightforward pairing with the Chromecast device.


  1. Limited Functionality: Lacks the more advanced features of dedicated universal remotes.
  2. Non-Rechargeable Batteries: Uses AAA batteries, which may need periodic replacement.
  3. Focused Primarily on Streaming: May not be the best standalone remote for broader home theater control.

The Chromecast remote is a solid choice for users who primarily focus on streaming content, especially with YouTube TV. It offers simplicity, ease of use, and efficient voice control, making it a great addition to a minimalist streaming setup. However, for those seeking more advanced features or broader device compatibility, this remote might fall short.

3. Apple TV Siri Remote (3rd Generation) – Highest Device Compatibility

Apple TV Siri Remote

The Apple TV Siri Remote is an embodiment of Apple’s dedication to sleek design and functionality, tailored for an enhanced streaming experience, including with services like YouTube TV. This remote is more than just a controller; it’s an accessory that complements the sophisticated ecosystem of Apple products.

Design & Build: True to Apple’s design ethos, the Siri Remote is elegantly crafted. Its slim, tactile design feels luxurious and is incredibly user-friendly. The touch-enabled clickpad allows for intuitive navigation, and the overall build quality exudes durability and style.

Compatibility & Setup: As expected, the Siri Remote pairs seamlessly with the Apple TV and is optimized for use with all of Apple’s services, including YouTube TV. Setup is a breeze, especially for users already within the Apple ecosystem, as it integrates effortlessly with other Apple devices and services.

Features & Performance: One of the most notable features is Siri voice control, which is highly responsive and accurate, making searching for content on YouTube TV a smooth experience. The remote also offers precise control over playback and navigation with its touch-enabled clickpad. Its integration with the Apple ecosystem means you can also control your HomeKit-enabled smart home devices directly.

Battery Life: The Siri Remote comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, which is a significant plus. The battery life is robust, often lasting months on a single charge, and it conveniently recharges via a Lightning connector, aligning with other Apple products.


  1. Elegant Design: Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold.
  2. Siri Voice Control: Effective for easy searching and control.
  3. Rechargeable Battery: Convenient and eco-friendly.
  4. HomeKit Integration: Control smart home devices directly with the remote.
  5. Intuitive Touch Interface: The clickpad offers a modern and smooth navigation experience.


  1. Price Point: Typically more expensive compared to other remotes.
  2. Apple-Centric: Best used within the Apple ecosystem, might not appeal to non-Apple users.
  3. Limited Universal Control: Primarily designed for Apple TV, might not be the best choice for controlling a wide range of devices.

The Apple TV Siri Remote is a premium choice that offers a refined, intuitive user experience, especially for those already invested in the Apple ecosystem. It combines elegant design with functional features like Siri voice control and a touch-enabled clickpad, making it a top-tier option for controlling YouTube TV and other streaming services on Apple TV. However, its higher price and optimal performance within the Apple ecosystem might limit its appeal for some users.

4. PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote Control – The most High-Tech

PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote Control

The PDP is a versatile and practical option for users who want a remote that can handle both their gaming console and streaming needs, including YouTube TV. This remote is designed with the modern gamer and streamer in mind, providing a convenient solution for those who use their gaming console as a primary media hub.

Design & Build: The PDP remote has a straightforward, no-frills design. It’s ergonomically shaped for comfort and has a sensible button layout, making it easy to use even in the midst of an intense gaming session. The build quality is sturdy, suggesting it can withstand regular use by avid gamers and streamers.

Compatibility & Setup: This remote is designed to be universally compatible with various gaming consoles, making it a great option for gamers who also use their consoles for streaming services like YouTube TV. The setup process is simple, involving basic pairing steps that can be completed quickly.

Features & Performance: While it may not boast the high-end features of more advanced remotes, the PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote includes all the necessary functions for a good streaming experience. It offers essential media controls and is responsive, with minimal lag in command execution. However, it lacks voice control and a touchpad, which are becoming standard in modern remotes.

Battery Life: The remote uses AAA batteries, providing a decent lifespan before needing replacement. While not as convenient as a rechargeable option, it offers reliability and the ease of not having to recharge regularly.


  1. Universal Compatibility: Works well with various gaming consoles in addition to streaming devices.
  2. Simple and Effective Design: Comfortable to hold and easy to navigate.
  3. Easy Setup: Straightforward pairing process with devices.
  4. Responsive Controls: Efficient for media playback and navigation.
  5. Good for Gamers: Ideal for those who use their gaming console as a media center.


  1. Lacks Advanced Features: No voice control or touchpad navigation.
  2. Non-Rechargeable Batteries: Relies on AAA batteries for power.
  3. Basic Functionality: May not appeal to those looking for a more high-tech remote experience.

The PDP is a solid, all-around remote for those who primarily use their gaming console for both gaming and streaming services like YouTube TV. Its simplicity, ease of use, and universal compatibility make it a practical choice, especially for gamers. However, for users looking for advanced features like voice control or a more luxurious feel, this remote might fall short of expectations.

5. Amazon Fire TV Cube, Hands-free streaming device – Best for Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a unique offering in the world of streaming devices, combining the functionalities of a high-end streaming box and a voice-controlled smart speaker. While primarily a streaming device, it includes a remote that significantly enhances the user experience, particularly for services like YouTube TV.

Design & Build: The Fire TV Cube itself is sleek and compact, blending well with most home entertainment setups. The accompanying remote maintains a practical and user-friendly design, with a comfortable grip and a straightforward button layout. The build quality is robust, reflecting Amazon’s focus on durability and functionality.

Compatibility & Setup: The Fire TV Cube is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of streaming services, including YouTube TV. The setup is intuitive, with easy-to-follow on-screen instructions. The remote pairs effortlessly with the Cube, and it can also control other connected devices like your TV, soundbar, and even some cable boxes.

Features & Performance: The standout feature of the Fire TV Cube is its voice control capabilities, powered by Alexa. This allows for hands-free operation, which is a significant convenience for users. The remote also supports voice commands, although it’s not hands-free like the Cube itself. Performance-wise, the remote is responsive and reliable, offering a smooth navigation experience.

Battery Life: The remote operates on AAA batteries. While this means periodic replacements, the battery life is generally long-lasting, minimizing the frequency of changes.


  1. Alexa Voice Control: Robust voice control capabilities for hands-free operation.
  2. Seamless Integration with Fire TV Cube: Offers an enhanced streaming experience.
  3. Universal Control: Can control various devices, reducing the need for multiple remotes.
  4. Responsive and Reliable: Good performance with minimal lag.
  5. Easy Setup: Quick and straightforward pairing with the Fire TV Cube and other devices.


  1. Dependent on Fire TV Cube: Primarily designed to complement the Fire TV Cube.
  2. Non-Rechargeable Batteries: Uses AAA batteries, necessitating replacements.
  3. Basic Remote Design: Lacks some of the advanced features like a touchpad or customizable buttons.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube with its accompanying remote is an excellent choice for users who value voice control and are looking for a comprehensive streaming solution. The integration of Alexa adds a significant level of convenience, especially for hands-free control. However, for those who are not already invested in the Amazon ecosystem or prefer a remote with more advanced navigational features, this option might not be the ideal fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can these remotes control other devices besides YouTube TV?

Yes, most of these remotes offer universal control capabilities. The SofaBaton X1 and Amazon Fire TV Cube remotes, for instance, can control a wide range of devices, including smart home gadgets. The specific devices controllable vary by remote.

Are voice control features available on all these remotes?

Not all. Voice control is available on the SofaBaton X1, Chromecast 4K Snow, Apple TV Siri Remote, and Amazon Fire TV Cube remotes. The PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote does not include this feature.

Is it necessary to have a rechargeable battery in the remote?

While not necessary, a rechargeable battery, as seen in the SofaBaton X1 and Apple TV Siri Remote, is more convenient and environmentally friendly. Other remotes use AAA batteries, which are easy to replace but less eco-friendly.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to set up and use these remotes?

No, most of these remotes are designed with user-friendly interfaces and straightforward setup processes. However, remotes with more advanced features like the SofaBaton X1 might require a bit more initial learning.

Can I use these remotes with other streaming services besides YouTube TV?

Absolutely. These remotes are generally compatible with a range of streaming services. Their versatility is one of the key factors making them suitable for a broad user base with diverse streaming preferences.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right remote for your YouTube TV experience is about finding the perfect balance between functionality, compatibility, and ease of use. Whether you prioritize advanced features like voice control and smart home integration, as offered by the SofaBaton X1 and Amazon Fire TV Cube, or prefer the simplicity and gaming compatibility of the PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote, there’s an option out there that fits your needs.

Remember, the best remote is the one that enhances your streaming experience while seamlessly integrating into your lifestyle. Consider your specific requirements, whether they be for general streaming, gaming, or integrating with a broader smart home system, and choose a remote that aligns with these preferences.

Happy streaming, and may your new remote bring convenience and enjoyment to your YouTube TV viewing sessions!

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