Best Charter Remote Codes With Programming Instructions

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For persons who have whistling issues, cable TV offers a range of remote controllers. The next step is to set your new remote control to operate with your TV, cable TV, DVD player, and/or audio device. However, not all paper remote controllers are created equal, and the programming procedure differs significantly depending on the model.

If you’re looking for Charter Remote Codes, you’ve come to the right place. Charter Remote not only offers communication services but also offers television services under the Spectrum brand. When you acquire services, the branding is determined by when you buy them. If you purchase the services after 2014 or before 2014, you will receive a discount.

Here you will learn about the charter universal remote codes as well as how to program the charter remote. Then you’ve come to the correct spot since here you’ll find everything you need for programming your remote control.

You can operate a variety of gadgets with the charter universal remote control. You must, however, program it for this. So, don’t get confused between the remote control and the television. And then begin utilizing the charter universal remote control. All of the charter remote codes are shown here; simply scroll down to get your charter remote tv codes. Continue reading to learn about the programming process.

Charter Remote Codes List

LG1423, 0178, 0017, 1768
RCA2434, 2746, 2932, 0047, 2183, 3382, 0051, 1661, 1958, 1959, 1868, 0090, 2855, 3577, 3717
Sony0810, 1685
Panasonic1480, 1927, 1947, 1925, 0051
Samsung2051, 1959, 0178, 0812
Philips1867, 1454, 2597, 0171, 1365, 1990, 2492, 2622, 2992
Toshiba1524, 1343, 1369, 1935, 1959
Magnavox1867, 1454, 2597, 1755, 0171, 0051, 1365, 1913, 1963, 1990, 2492
Insignia2049, 1423, 1564, 0171, 0463, 1204, 1326, 1517, 1660, 1963, 2417, 2751
Vizio1758, 2707, 0864, 1756, 0885
Zenith1423, 0178, 0047, 0017, 0463, 1661, 1365

How to Program a Charter TV Remote:1060bc2

Many difficulties may be solved by appropriately programming charter remote codes. This only takes a few minutes but may save you a lot of time in the long run. Before you begin, pay attention to the remote control and a few things that can help you program more quickly and easily. Important buttons, such as Settings and Power, may be found here. They keep you from trembling while you’re programming by preventing you from looking for them.

Charter remote control 1060BC2 is currently called Spectrum remote control. The best part is that it comes with self-installation instructions. These installations are done by the client, therefore if you want to install a Charter spectrum tv box, you must do so yourself.

Then it’s extremely probable that your remote control is malfunctioning. The charter universal remote control has several functions, including the ability to stop video/audio, rewind video/audio, fast forward, and other similar functions. Let us now discuss the programming instruction.

  • Enter the four-digit code on the device to program it. In the handbook, you’ll find this code. Alternatively, you can consult the instructions on the Spectrum website.
  • Turn on the gadget that has to be programmed.
  • Step-3 To configure a device with a VCR, DVD, or other device, press the relevant button on the remote control.
  • When the red indicator blinks twice, press and hold the Settings button.
  • Using the keypad on the right side of the remote control, enter the 4-digit Charter Remote Codes listed in the instructions / website.
  • When the device is switched off, the power button on the remote control should be left pressed. If it isn’t already switched off, go back to step 3 and configure the device with the Charter Remote Codes.

The following are the six basic stages for programming a gadget. You can do this every time you program the remote. All you have to do is adjust the buttons on the remote control to the programming you’re doing.

With automated detection, program the charter remote control. Instead of leaving all codes, many current features include an automated detecting capability that allows you to test different Charter remote codes until you discover the perfect one.

How Does work:

  • To begin, turn on the device you’ll be using to remotely program paper. Plug it in if it’s a DVD player.
  • There are four buttons at the top of the remote control: TV, DVD, CBL, and AUX. Each key corresponds to a certain device (for example, AUX is for audio and video receivers as well as other devices not covered by the other three kinds of buttons: Blu-ray: for Blu-ray players and DVD players. Digital receivers, such as cable boxes, are covered by the TV CBL program.
  • Hold down OK / SEL and the device-specific buttons (TV, DVD, CBL, or AUX) for 3 seconds. At the same time, press the buttons. The LED turns on after 3 seconds and stays on for 30 seconds.
  • While the procedure is going, press CH or CH- to make the indicator light up. You can quit pushing the button after the gadget has been switched off. Press the power button and then another button on the remote control to see whether programming works.
  • If the issue remains, go back to step 3.6. Last but not least, tap one of the four buttons (TV, DVD, CBL, or AUX). On the device, the code is saved.

Program Charter Remote: 1060BC2

Stand-alone spectrum remote control is another name for the Charter 1060BC2 remote control. This is what the customer has set up. This will be your remote if you have your own Charter Spectrum set-top box. You may use the remote control to pause, rewind, advance, and record TV shows.

You may program the chartered remote control by pushing the button for the device you wish to program, then pressing the Settings button until the indicator appears on the remote control. Enter the code for your television, audio system, or DVD player. LG: 11423, 10856, 11178, Sony: 10810, 11685, Panasonic: 10810, 11685, Panasonic: 10810, 11685, Panasonic: 10810, 11685, Panasonic: 10810, 116

Samsung: 10812, 10766, and 10814, and Vizios: 11758, 10864, 10885. RCA’s 20522, 20571, 20717, Sony’s 20533, 20864, 21033, and Samsung’s 20490, 20573, and 20199 are all common DVD player codes. Additional remote charter codes may be found on the Charter Spectrum website at 1060BC2, a remote charter guide.
Press the “Power” button on the remote control after you’ve tried each code. When the gadget is switched off or on, the programming is complete. If it doesn’t work, try the code for your device and brand below.

Program Spectrum URC 2060 Remote:

The Spectrum URC 2060 is a “charter remote control” for TVs with automated programming. This means you won’t have to type in any program codes for the top ten television brands.

When the remote control light blinks twice, hold the “Settings” button and click the TV’s on/off button on the remote control to configure the remote control.

When the TV is turned off, press and hold the exact brand number of the TV, then release it. Using Insignia / Dynex TV 1, LG / Zenith TV 2, Mitsubishi TV 3, Panasonic TV 4, Philips / Magnavox TV 5, Samsung TV 6, Sony TV 8, Sony TV 8, Toshiba TV 9, Toshiba TV 9 and Vizio TV 0.

For programming various manufacturers of TVs, you may look for Charter remote codes. To do so, hold down the “Settings” button until it begins to flash, then hold down the “TV Power” button. Hold down the OK / Select button until the TV goes off. After that, it was successfully programmed to operate the television.

Program UE C4000/S4000 Remote:

Another frequency remote control is the Spectrum Universal Electronics C4000, which can control numerous devices such as music, DVD, and television.
This brand’s code can be used to program a specific gadget. On the remote control, press and hold the button for the device you wish to configure, then press and hold the “Settings” button until a double flash displays.

Enter the code for the device. 11758, 10864, and 10885 are common Vizio television codes, whereas 10810 and 11685 are common Sony television numbers. Magnavox 11866, 10802, and 11198 are Samsung television codes, whereas Magnavox 11866, 10802, and 11198 are Magnavox television codes.

Locate remote paper codes for various users. The C4000 Remote Control Guide is accessible on the Charter Spectrum website and contains information about televisions and gadgets. Press the “Power” button once you’ve tried all of the codes. Your TV is programmed on the remote control if this works. If that doesn’t work, try another Charter remote code.


If you’re a charter spectrum device fan, you’ll find all the codes for your model here. Go over this text one again and input the right suitable code from the list into your brand device. With this charter remote control, you may enjoy nonstop entertainment because it can operate numerous devices at once.

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