Comcast Xfinity Remote codes for Xfinity Universal Remote

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Did you lose your remote? It may happen you lost it even if you have just bought a new Comcast Xfinity TV or DVD/Blu-ray player or an Audio/Other. In this article, we are glad to help you with your Comcast Xfinity remote codes with the codes that we are providing below.

As you may already know Comcast Xfinity is one of the popular devices especially TVs and luckily that if you lost your new remote there a chance with the universal remote, but you need to know comcast remote programming, and that’s why we made this article today of codes for comcast remote.

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The 5 Digits Comcast Xfinity Remote codes

  • 10178
  • 10000
  • 11292
  • 10812
  • 10019
  • 10036
  • 11704
  • 10434
  • 10030

The 4 Digits Comcast Universal Remote Codes

  • 0497
  • 0030
  • 0056

Xfinity Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV

  • 11785
  • 11756

Xfinity Universal Remote Codes For Toshiba TV

  • 10156
  • 11156

Xfinity Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV

  • 10165
  • 10093

Comcast Remote Codes For Sony TV

  • 10000
  • 11100

Xfinity Universal Remote Codes For Samsung TV

  • 10812
  • 10060

Comcast Remote Codes For Panasonic TV

  • 10250

Xfinity Universal Remote Codes For LG TV

  • 11265
  • 10178

Comcast Xfinity Remote Codes For DVD

  • 18293
  • 12746
  • 17384
  • 17283
  • 17849
  • 12374
  • 10938

Xfinity Program Remote Codes Step by Step

  1. Turn on your device on (TV, Blu-ray, audio)
  2. Move your Comcast universal remote towards your TV.
  3. Press the button Setup on after finding the TV option on your universal remote.
  4. Now go back above and find the code for your device.
  5. The light will blink 4 times if you are done the process correctly.
  6. To make sure that everything is ok press any button on your universal remote and good job, the universal remote is ready now to function.

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If you don’t understand the process here you can take a look at this guide on Xfinity official website, or just watch this video:

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