GE Universal Remote Codes for LG Tv & Programming Setup

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Have you just purchased a new GE universal remote for your LG television? Then, using a remote code, configure your GE universal remote to your LG TV. Let’s see what the optimal GE universal remote code for LG TV is for programming the remote to the television. I’ll show you how to program a GE universal remote to an LG TV using the remote control code, as well as how to program a GE universal remote to an LG TV.

Though the GE universal remote, also known as the general electric universal remote from ByJasco, is a basic remote, it can handle nearly all of the main televisions on the market. The GE remote can control four separate televisions. All you care about is how to program it to function with the GE universal remote code.

LG TVs of all models are compatible with the GE universal remote. LG smart TVs and LG non-smart TVs both work with the GE universal remote. Though the GE universal remote has an IR sensor, your LG TV should also have one. I note that all LG TVs, including smart TVs, comes with infrared remote controls. So there’s no need to be concerned; simply set the GE universal remote to work with your LG TV and begin managing it.

GE Universal Remote Code For LG TV

Before proceeding to program GE remote to LG TV, make sure you know what code list your GE remote uses. We need to locate a functional GE remote code for an LG television. If your GE remote employs CL3 codes, we’ll need to determine your LG TV’s CL3 GE code. Other code lists for GE remotes, such as CL4 and CL5, are also available.

Your GE universal remote’s battery compartment displays the codes list that should be used to configure the remote to different brands. If it’s a CL3, CL4, or CL5, it’s a CL3, CL4, or CL5. First and foremost, take note of this.

One For All LG Universal Remote codes for TV

  • 0178
  • 0030
  • 0056
  • 0494
  • 0498
  • 0394
  • 0384
  • 1238
  • 1726
  • 1728

5 Digits Universal Remote Control Codes For LG TV

  • 11423
  • 10442
  • 13397
  • 11178
  • 12867
  • 13979
  • 13397
  • 10017
  • 11530
  • 12323
  • 12834
  • 12864
  • 12424
  • 13979
  • 11934
  • 11637
  • 11265
  • 11530
  • 10178
  • 12358

4 Digits Universal Remote Control Codes For LG TV

  • 1663
  • 2065
  • 1305
  • 0644
  • 4086
  • 1859
  • 1840
  • 0178
  • 1423
  • 0606
  • 0037
  • 0714
  • 1842
  • 0715
  • 1681
  • 0109
  • 0361
  • 0556
  • 0698
  • 1637

3 Digits Universal Remote Control Codes For LG TV

  • 520
  • 512
  • 506
  • 505
  • 627
  • 615
  • 653
  • 766
  • 773
  • 678
  • 569
  • 420

You may check also these codes:

  • CL3 GE remote codes for LG TV – 0001, 5511, 3001, 5501, 3021, 3091, 3221, 3281, 3311, 5271, 0131, 0251, 0611, 0761, 0931, 1181, 1221, 1471, 1501, 1911, 3811, 4731
  • CL4 GE Universal remote codes for LG TV – 6021, 0001, 5511, 3001, 1911, 1181, 1221
  • CL5 GE Universal remote codes for LG TV – 6021, 0001, 5511, 3001, 1911, 1181, 1221

These are the GE universal remote codes for LG TVs that are guaranteed to work. For LG TVs, all GE remote codes are four digits.
We now have all of the LG TV remote codes.
The next step is to configure the GE remote using the GE remote codes for LG TV.
I’ll tell it again: use the remote code that corresponds to the code list on your GE remote.

How To Program GE Universal remote to LG TV and LG Smart TV

Before you begin configuring the GE remote to your LG TV, make sure it is turned on.
Hold down the “setup button” on your GE remote until the red LED light on the remote turns on. Then, as we need to configure the remote to the LG TV, push and release the “TV button” on the GE universal remote. The red LED light blinks once when you push the “TV Button” and then stays on.

The direct code entering stage is the following step. Type one of the codes from the list using the number keys on the GE remote. If your GE remote supports CL3 codes, choose the first code from the CL3 list, or CL4 or CL5 codes as appropriate. After inputting the code, you may check to see if the GE remote has been correctly programmed to your LG TV.

Point the GE universal remote control to the LG TV and press the “Power button.” Your GE remote to LG TV programming is complete when your LG TV reacts appropriately. Other buttons on the remote, such as the Volume and Channel buttons, should also be tested. It’s ready to use with your LG TV if everything works well. If your remote isn’t functioning with your LG TV, try programming it with a different code.

What to do if some of the keys on your GE remote don’t function with your LG TV after you’ve programmed it?

The issue might be a partially programmed remote to the TV if the power and volume buttons on your GE remote function but some of the other keys do not after programming to LG TV or any other TV.

So, what exactly does partial programming imply? It’s possible that your GE remote code isn’t entirely programmed into your LG TV remote. Reset the GE universal remote, then reprogram it with a different remote code. Wait at least 10 seconds after inputting the code before testing your GE remote with your LG TV. Also, when programming the GE remote to the LG TV, make sure you’re using the right code list codes.

Final Words

There are no GE universal remote codes for LG TVs with 3 or 5 digits. For LG TVs with GE remotes, only 4 digit universal remotes are available. When I used the codes to configure the LG TV with the GE remote, everything worked well. I’m confident you won’t need to attempt a second code. With the first code, everything will be set.

In any case, use the codes listed above with your LG TV’s GE universal remote and follow the setup instructions.
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