GPX TV Remote Codes – Program your Universal Remote

Maybe GPX TV is not as familiar as LG, Samsung, and other brands. But even though it’s one of the strongest TVs in the world, of course, we are not here to talk about that but about GPX TV remote codes.

When you buy a new GPX TV usually it comes with a new remote but if for any reason you lost or damaged your remote, simply go for a new GPX universal remote codes for tv and we are glad to help to program it with the codes provided below.

We have listed below a list of 5 digits, 4 digits, and 3 digits for your GPX universal remote codes for tv, these codes are easy to use just follow our steps below and you’ll be able to program your universal remote.

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One For All Universal Remote Codes For GPX TV

  • 000
  • 546
  • 3980
  • 3977
  • 13980

The 3 Digits GPX TV Remote Codes

  • 532
  • 000
  • 546
  • 521
  • 749
  • 179
  • 722

The 4 Digits GPX Universal Remote Control Codes

  • 3980
  • 4586
  • 5040
  • 0944
  • 3977
  • 0096
  • 1320
  • 4701

The 5 Digits GPX Universal Remote Codes for TV

  • 13980
  • 12693
  • 13977
  • 10171
  • 10360
  • 13402
  • 13196
  • 17048
  • 12784

How To Program Universal Remote Control For GPX TV

  1. Step one: Turn on your GPX TV.
  2. Step two: Look for the Prog option on your universal remote.
  3. Step three: Press on that button until you see the tiny LED light on your remote lights up.
  4. Step four: Press now on the Info button on your universal remote.
  5. Step five: Normally now you’ll see the tiny light canoeing to blink many times if you get the process right.
  6. Step six: Go now to our list of GPX TV remote code above and look for the right code which fits your device and enter it, if you see Success that’s mean you entered the correct code if not just go for another code.
  7. Step: click on any of the buttons and see if it works if so you have done the whole process right.

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You can also watch this video if you still have a problem with codes:

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