Insignia Soundbar Remote Code

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Are you looking for an Insignia soundbar remote code? We provided in this article many different codes for Insignia Soundbar, 3 digits, and 5 digits which are working just with the following soundbars: NS-SB314, NS-SB316, and NS-SB515.

The Insignia soundbar can be controlled by its original remote control or with a universal remote. So, if you have lost your remote just go and buy a new universal remote and use the codes below to program it.

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The 5 Digits Insignia Soundbar Remote Code

  • 10463
  • 11564
  • 12002
  • 21268
  • 33591

The 3 Insignia Sound Bar Remote Code

  • 589
  • 538
  • 539
  • 751

How to Program Insignia Soundbar with DIRECTV (AT&T)

  1. Turn on your soundbar.
  2. Volume up but muted
  3. Use AV1 or even AV2
  4. Press and hold MUTE and SELECT for 2 blinks
  5. Enter 991 and wait for 2 blinks and then enter number 3
  6. Press and release VOL UP
  7. Point the remote at the soundbar and keep pressing and releasing the CH UP key
  8. When the volume changes, press select to lock in code.
  9. Now make sure the remote is working by pressing on the volume button.

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