Sony Universal Remote Codes [Sony Bravia]

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Sony is one of the most popular brands in the market. Sony is also an old brand that makes many products such as TVs, Smartphones, different electronics … and so on. Today we are going to deal with sony universal remote codes.

We have provided many different Sony codes below, so you have just to pick the right code and use it correctly with instruction at the bottom of this article, but before that, you should buy a new universal remote or if you have already that’s fine 🙂

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RCA universal remote codes for SONY TV:

  • 1001
  • 1036
  • 1093
  • 1135
  • 1177

One-For-All Universal Remote for SONY TV:

  • 111
  • 011
  • 273
  • 000
  • 080

GE Universal Remote Codes for SONY TV:

  • 002
  • 006
  • 013
  • 071
  • 128
  • 380

How to program Universal remote with Sony Tv manually

  1. Turn on your Sony TV.
  2. Press Menu on your universal remote.
  3. Go to Parental, Favs, and Setup and choose System Setup.
  4. Pick Remote and select the option to program it.
  5. Slide the switch on top of your remote control to TV mode.
  6. Press and hold Mute. Press the Select button until the light on your remote flashes.
  7. Enter the code from the list above.
  8. If the process goes right the light will flash on your remote.
  9. Press the button to move the channel up, while pointing the remote at your SONY television.
  10. The set will power down when you find the correct code.

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