Time Warner Cable Remote Control TV Codes & Program Instructions

We are now surrounded by a plethora of electronic gadgets such as televisions, home theater systems, DVD players, and a variety of other goods. Do you find it difficult to manage so many remotes to handle these gadgets at times? If that’s the case, you don’t have to be concerned any longer.

We also offer a solution for you that allows you to get rid of your different remote controls and operate all of your gadgets with a single universal remote control. We have the whole Time Warner remote control user guide for you if you have a Time Warner cable box and wish to program it with the universal remote. For this, you’ll need the Time Warner cable remote control TV codes.

Continue reading to get answers to all of your questions about the Time Warner universal remote.

The original remote control is included with every Time Warner cable box. A universal remote, on the other hand, can effortlessly operate all of your gadgets with a single remote. We’ve listed the whole list of time warner remote codes as well as the various time warner programming methods for programming time warner remotes.

Time Warner Cable Remote Control TV Codes List

The entire list of Time Warner cable remote control TV codes you’ll need to configure your Universal remote with Time Warner devices can be found below. The list includes numerous Time Warner remote codes as well as brand names. From the Time Warner remote control codes list, choose the required code that meets your needs.

Emerson191, 192, 193, 477,638 , 033, 053 , 637, 168, 194, 250
GE149, 192, 465 ,296 , 035, 061, 107 , 065
Magnavox044 , 193 , 068
Panasonic264 , 065
RCA104, 149 ,107 , 033, 065,061
Samsung074, 033, 044, 070 , 192
Sylvania068 , 044
Vector Research044
Soundesign193 , 194 , 192
Yamaha033 , 044
Zenith031 , 106 , 030
Toshiba074 , 168 ,170
Nikko044 , 106 , 192
Radio Shack044, 053, 061, 070, 168, 192 , 179 , 033
Mitsubishi192 , 107, 164 , 033
Hitachi065 , 159 , 070
Daewoo637 , 465, 638 , 053, 106 , 033
Brocksonic250 , 477
Gilbrater033 , 031 , 044
Harley Davidson193
NAD180 , 170 , 192
Proton480 , 192
Scott033 , 192, 194,193 , 250
Teknika070 , 033, 053, 068, 074 , 106, 164, 193, 194 , 030
Wards193 , 030, 033, 035, 044 , 068, 070, 179, 192
White Westinghouse637, 638
Realistic168, 179, 192, 194 , 033, 044, 053, 070
Philco159, 477 ,033, 044, 068
MTC192 , 033, 044, 164
Kenwood044 , 033
Admiral477 , 107

How to Program A Time Warner Universal remote Manually?

  • To begin programming the Time Warner remote, turn on the device as well as the universal remote.
  • Select the component button TV on the Time Warner remote.
  • Using the Time Warner universal remote, press and hold the “Setup” button until an indicator light flashes.
  • From the list of Time Warner cable remote control TV codes above, select the needed Time Warner universal remote code. Use the numeric keypad on the remote to enter the desired code.
  • To see if the Time Warner remote reacts after inputting the code, hit the component button and then the power button.

How to Program Time Warner Universal Remote without Codes?

  • With the universal remote control, turn on the television to begin programming.
  • Press the Settings button on the Time Warner universal remote for up to 4 seconds. Then, to program the Time Warner universal remote without codes, push the component button. The Time Warner remote will flash a light indicating that it is now ready to be configured.
  • Press the Ch+ and Ch- buttons on the remote while pointing it at the Time Warner device. The universal remote control now has on/off buttons. Until the device shuts off, press these keys again to discover the right Time Warner remote code.
  • Click the “Power” button on the Time Warner cable TV universal remote to store the selected code. If the Time Warner device answers, change the channels and double-check that the programming is correct.
  • Finally, store the Time Warner cable remote control TV codes by pressing the component button. The LED will flicker twice to confirm.

Final Words

We’ve covered all you need to know about Time Warner cable remote control TV codes and programming time warner remotes in this post. We’ve also included a list of Time Warner Cable remote codes as well as two distinct techniques for programming Time Warner Cable remote control TV codes with numerous devices. The manual technique, which requires Time Warner universal remote codes, and the auto-search option, which does not require any codes, are both available.

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