Vizio Sound Bar Remote Codes [The Full List of Codes]

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Have you just bought a Vizio Sound Bar? It’s one of the familiar Sound Bars in the market. Usually, it comes with a remote control but if for any reason you lost your original remote code, just go for a new Vizio Sound Bar Remote Codes.

We provided below the full list of Vizio Sound Bar remote code, however you’ll need to know how to program it which we have also made for you, it’s a simple process you have just to follow our steps with all explanations.

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The 4 Digits Vizio Sound Bar Remote Codes

  • 1517
  • 0883
  • 0660

The 5 Digits Universal Remote Codes For Vizio Soundbar

  • 31975
  • 11144
  • 32454
  • 31975

How To Program Universal Remote Control For Vizio Soundbar

  1. Turn on your Vizio Sound Bar
  2. Go now to Settings and then programs.
  3. Choose Sound option
  4. Now the tiny light will blink 4 times.
  5. Go to the list above and choose any of the codes and enter it.
  6. To make sure everything is good press on any of the buttons on your remote.

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For more explanation you can watch this video:

How To Be Sure About Your Remote control?

Sometimes but not always the remote control that comes with the sound bar is a universal remote, so to be sure about it just check if it has the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ options, if so that’s mean it’s a universal remote control.

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