GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV & Programming Setup

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Vizio TV Codes for GE Universal remote and instructions on how to configure GE Universal remote to Vizio TV using GE codes. You may use a GE universal remote control with any Vizio TV smart TV model if you have one. Despite the fact that I have released a list of GE Universal remote codes, many readers are unaware that programming a GE remote control to a Vizio TV is possible.

When it comes to the finest universal remote for Vizio TV, GE universal remote is unquestionably at the top of our list, since it is the greatest universal remote brand in the world.

There are three GE universal remote code lists for Vizio televisions. I’m here to provide you with all of the GE universal remote cl3 codes for Vizio TV, GE universal remote cl4 codes for Vizio TV, and GE universal remote cl5 codes for Vizio TV.

You can manage the volume and all of the channels on your Vizio TV once you’ve programmed your universal remote. Remember that finding the proper code is difficult; if one code does not program your remote, try another.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV

GE universal remote codes for Vizio TV will let you use a single remote for all your needs. You can get GE universal remote codes for Vizio TV here. GE remotes have universal codes for a variety of devices. Have a look on the codes below to know the GE universal remote codes for Vizio, How to Setup GE Universal remote, etc.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV, CL5

  • 5631
  • 5611
  • 5561
  • 6471
  • 6511
  • 6121
  • 6131
  • 6111
  • 5651
  • 5621
  • 5711

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV, CL4

  • 5631
  • 5561
  • 6121
  • 6131
  • 5611
  • 6111
  • 5651
  • 5621
  • 5711

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV, CL3

  • 5561
  • 5571
  • 5581
  • 5591
  • 5601
  • 5611
  • 5621
  • 5631
  • 5641
  • 5651
  • 5661
  • 5671
  • 5681
  • 5691
  • 5701
  • 5711
  • 2901
  • 1471
  • 1741
  • 2021
  • 3651
  • 3741
  • 3851
  • 4081

How to Program GE Universal Remote with Code Search

  • Using your remote control, turn on the TV you want to sync.
  • Make sure your GE universal remote is facing the TV by moving any furniture or obstacles out of the way.
  • Using your remote control, press and hold the ‘Code Search’ button. Hold the button down until a little LED light appears.
  • Press the component button that corresponds to your TV on the GE universal remote.
  • Using the codes in this post, find and input the right GE universal remote code for your TV brand. The little LED light will turn on again after you have the proper code.
  • If the volume button on your GE universal remote works on your TV, then your TV has been synchronized correctly. If the problem persists, try a different code.

How to Program GE Universal Remote with Code Entry

  1. Use the remote control to turn on the television.
  2. Make sure the GE universal remote is within easy reach of the television.
  3. Using your GE universal remote, press and hold the ‘Code Search’ button until an LED light appears.
  4. On the remote control, press the TV button.
  5. Hold the ‘Power Button’ down until your smartphone turns off. Wait a few seconds before turning on your device using the power button. Continue tapping the button until your device finds one that works.
  6. When you have the proper code, hit the ‘Enter Button’ to save it.

How Do You Pair a Remote to a TV?

When you link your remote with your television, you won’t have any trouble programming since the television will receive signals from the remote control. Follow these steps to do this.

  1. For 3 seconds, press and hold the program button. A LED light will turn on after a few seconds and remain on till the operation is completed.
  2. Because you’re synchronizing to a TV device, press the TV button.
  3. Find and enter a code for the TV brand you’re using, then hit the enter button.
  4. When the LED light goes off, push the power button to turn on the TV.

How to Check if a Vizio Remote is a Universal Remote

Some Vizio TV remotes are universal, allowing you to manage and power other devices in addition to your Vizio TV. Follow these steps to see if this is true.

  • Check to verify whether the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ buttons are available on the Vizio remote.
  • It’s a universal remote if those buttons are visible.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the codes for a universal remote for a Vizio TV?

3 Digit TV Remote Codes. 502. 627. 004. 113. 505. 011.
4 Digit TV Remote Codes. 1758. 0178. 1756. 0128. 0117. 1017. 1078. 0030. 0056. 0205. 1292. 1004.
5 Digit TV Remote Codes. 10178. 10117. 11756. 01377. 10885. 10864. 10120.

What is the 4-digit code for Vizio TV?

Enter one of the programming code from the list 1169 1168 0081 0112 0143 1011 0050 1000 1222 1322 1189 0218 0219 0220 0221 0222 for your VIZIO TV (including LCD, LED and Plasma) device.

Does GE Universal Remote work with Vizio?

GE Universal Remote Control works with Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Sharp, Roku, Apple TV, TCL, Panasonic, Smart TVs, Streaming Players, Blu-ray, DVD, 4-Device, Silver, and 33709.

How do I program a GE Universal Remote?

Point your remote at the device.
Then press and release the power button to start the code search.
The red indicator light will flash while it searches.

Final Words

A universal remote control is always more convenient since it eliminates the burden of having separate remote controls for each of your devices. Once you’ve got one, all you have to do now is link it to your other devices and start managing them from any aspect. With the aid of the codes, you may accomplish this in a short amount of time.

How to Program GE Remote with TV using Auto Code Search Method

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